Master Glue

Master Glue is clinically formulated by the leading medical adhesive specialists. It solved the problem of short shelf life of 0.5s drying glue.

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In general, the quicker the drying glue, the shorter the shelf life. 0.5-1 second glue is the most popular among professional lash technicians. The traditional 0.5-1 second glue has a short shelf life of only 3 months. We spent two years on this. The Master Glue can extend the shelf life by 200%. (It depends on the storage conditions). We strike a good balance between speed and shelf life. This glue is only recommended for skilled lash technicians.

● Setting Time: 0.5-1 second
● Retention: 7 weeks
● Shelf life:1.5 to 2 times longer than other 0.5s glue

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