Eyelash glue Wipe
Gollee eyelash glue wipes-----One Step To Clean Nozzle, the number one accessory for eyelash extension treatments. Our glue wipes are pure cotton,germ-free, and lint-free, It is Perfect for cleaning the bottle’s nozzle, with no residues, avoiding glue nozzle blockage. ●200pcs/ box ●Non-woven fabrics ●5*5cm
PE Tape
Our clear lash tape is simple, but it ensures a smooth surface during the application process. It prevents the eyelash extensions from sticking to either the tape or the patch. Lashes that stick are a pain to deal with all the way around, for you and the client. With clear tape in place, eyelashes that are stuck will detach easily with no damage. ● Hypoallergenic   ● Latex Free   ● Good Hold
Paper Tape
Our eyelash tape is a must-have for both lash technicians and individual beauty gurus who want to learn how to apply their own extensions. The purpose of our clear lash tape is to create a smooth surface during application. Using tape will ensure that clients are comfortable and at ease. In addition, it allows for application to always be a breeze. ● Gentle For All Skin Types   ● Latex-Free And Hypoallergenic   ● Highly Breathable