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DIY Eyelash Extensions Kit
$15.00 $20.00
At-home eyelash extension kit is no need to wear like daily makeup compared to magnetic eyeliner and lash kit. Our medical-grade sensitive eyelash adhesive is no fume & no irritation, and has ultra bonding power, with lash extensions lasting up to 3-10 days. ● 17 types of lashes to choose  ● Available to customize kit based on your need  ●  Environmental & medical grade of lash glue  
100℃ Undeformed Individua...
Many lash artists get frustrated with straight lash curls. The reason for the straightening of the curl is mainly because of the high temperature. The main advantage of IEE-01 is that it can resist high temperatures between 70℃ to 100℃ (158 °F~ 212 °F). 0.05~0.2 thickness is 100 ℃ high-temperature resistance, 0.03 thickness is 70 ℃. These lash extensions are perfect for both classic and volume set. ▼ Banana scent  ▼ Gentle formula  ▼ Smooth & flexible Specifications
Easy Fanning Lashes
They are denser than the normal easy fan, 1 super easy fan =2 normal easy fans = 4 volume lashes. ●  Camellia Type ( Multi-Length In One Lash Fan)●  True Black●  Made From Faux Velvet material
Flat Eyelash Extension
Our flat lashes are designed with a flat-ellipse shape to keep the lashes in place longer. The secret to their success is the wide lash base and center groove allowing for a greater surface area to make contact with the natural lash and lock it in place. ●  Flat-ellipse shape root●  0.15 thickness lashes are lightweight as much as 0.07●  Matt Black
Black Velvet
Our lashes are smooth as velvet and black as night all while sustaining the character of their curl. They possess a magnetic-like bond to help you seamlessly construct the perfect fan. They are available for normal volume and mega volume. ●  Single Length In One Lash Fan●  True Black●  Made From Faux Velvet material