About Gollee

Founded in 2017, Gollee Cosmetics Co., Ltd. is a leading R&D and manufacturer of eyelash beauty tools in the industry. At present, Gollee has an internationally leading eyelash adhesive laboratory, a professional industrial design team, a 2,000-square-meter 100,000-level dust-free workshop, and industry-leading production and testing equipment. Our products are distributed in more than 170 countries and regions worldwide, serving eyelashes and beauty practitioners around the world. Gollee provides not only high-quality products but also provides accompanying growth services from brand design, brand marketing strategies and methods, and skill training. We are customer-centric and focus on creating long-term value for customers.

To Create A Masterpiece, You Must Put In The Time.

Jovana, Gollee's Founder, understood this - and time was her secret recipe for success.But not just time. The success of every Gollee product is also closely related to the powerful innovations of our laboratory.Only after developed and tested over a long time.To ensure these products are effective and safe before evergetting to the market. Say no to hormones, animal testing. and the likes.Your beauty should never come at the expense of your health.So, with a relentless and pure attitude to work, We keep putting in the needed energy while maximizing cost to keep improving our product quality and giving you only the safest and the best.

Keeping Up with the Times and Achieving Sustainable Development.

It all started with creating the beauty-related business of our dreams. Moving on, Gollee aims to keep achieving sustainable development while staying up-to-date with the current world trends and keeping its customers and consumers as its primary focus. Not only this but to also keep paying attention to its employees, and ensuring an all-round excellent working condition. These make up our values which bring together our employees, helping them become a diverse team that all our customers and consumers can trust. Every day, we have to make several decisions in a complex and changing world. It is these values of ours that guide our choices, decisions, and actions. We believe that as long as our employees keep sharing, understanding, and practicing our clear values, we hold the key to staying successful as a company even into the future.