Glue Remover Ball on Tweezers

-Our eyelash glue remove ball is Great for beauty salon and home use. The Easy operation of Eyelash glue remove ball can save lots of time in cleaning tweezers. Also, its small size is easy to store and carry.


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This tweezer glue remover ball is a new exclusive product of Golleepro to clean the eyelash glue on tweezers. This eyelash glue remover with Super active power, removes glue from tweezers within 1-3sonly takes 1 second to wipe off the eyelash adhesive while not damaging tweezers. Owing to its Professional gentle formula, eyelash glue removal ball can let the glue be remove without damaging the tweezers.

1. Cleanning time: 1-2s
2. Recycling
3. Glass Bottle
4. Sponge Ball
5. Color: Random Color
6. Net: Around 15ml